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Our corporate office is located in Gilbert Arizona but we have authorized dealers all over the USA. Contact us to find dealer near you.
Yes. Your cart will need very minimal service, but the small things you do now will prolong the life of your cart.

Charge batteries fully.

Checking tire pressure (15-20 psi)
Check all lights (headlights, taillights, turn signals)
Horn Operation

Schedule your yearly service with your MAMMOTH EV™ dealer for critical fluid changes, grease the front end and other serviceable fittings, electrical services, overall inspection, tire rotation, etc.

A 19mm or a 3/4 socket will work to remove your lug nuts.
The MAMMOTH golf cart bolt pattern is a 4×100. The thread of the lug studs is a standard size of 1/2×20.
Lug Nuts should be torqued to 55-65 FT LBS. They should also be tightened in proper sequence.
Yes. The windshield is covered if it is a manufacturing defect. The windshield is not covered if it has been misused, abused, hit from an outside source, or has excessive wear and tear from normal use.

Yes. Our lead acid batteries are covered for a period of one year. Our new lithium batteries (same manufacturer that produces Tesla batteries) are covered for a period of ten years. Exclusions for coverage would include lack of maintenance (if it applies), undercharging the cart regularly, battery failure due to a third party outside electrical source or wiring. Tampering with the charger or charger algorithms will also void battery coverage under the warranty terms.

No. Any and all expenses incurred in transporting the vehicle to and from a MammothEV service center, or an authorized service center, technician, or designee will be the sole responsibility of the cart owner unless otherwise noted by the service provider or seller.

However, our dealer offered warranty will cover all labor costs and transportation fees. Please contact your local dealer for details.

No. The addition of accessories is welcomed and encouraged. The only time any accessory would become an issue of warranty coverage, is if that accessory directly related to the failed component. All accessories should be installed by a trained professional.